Dog-Friendly Hotel in Hawkshead

Do you wish you could take your four-legged friend away with you on holiday from time to time? Often, a dog feels like a real part of the family, and leaving them in the kennels or with a relative just doesn’t seem right when you’re off on a trip! At The Kings Arms Hotel in Ambleside, we’re happy to welcome your canine companions into our accommodation.

All of our self-catering cottages allow friendly, well-behaved dogs to stay alongside their owners, meaning that you can have a break that suits your whole group. Our Waterside House Bed & Breakfast is also open to dogs, so you also have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing your luxurious room.

Say Goodbye to Holiday Concerns

We know from experience that dog owners can experience almost as much separation anxiety as their pets! This can turn your relaxing break into a far more stressful event, as you find your mind turning to whether your dog is being well looked after and pampered.

Of course, while most kennels can give dogs a great holiday, there’s simply no comparison to the real thing. So, whether it’s an overnight stay in one of our hotel suites, or a week long break in a cottage, we recommend bringing your pup along with you!

A Pet Friendly Location

Best of all, Kings Arms aren’t just offering a dog friendly hotel, but also a wonderfully dog friendly location that will be sure to keep you and your pet occupied. Just beyond our doorstep we see the natural beauty of the Lake District, and long walks with your pet are a perfect way to explore these surroundings at your own pace, while also tiring them out ready for bedtime.

Alternatively, why not take them on an adventure into the 9,000 acres of Grizedale Forest – you can take in the stunning sculpture trail while your dog bounds through the trees.

There are also multiple dog-friendly pubs throughout Hawkshead and the wider area, so you can expect the locals to welcome your dogs with warmth and friendliness. Perfect for grabbing a cool beverage on a warm night, or for bringing your pet along for a traditional Sunday roast.


Tips for Travelling with Pets

If you’ve never taken your dog away with you before, you might have a few concerns about travelling with them – which is perfectly natural! To help make your stay brighter, we’ve put together a few quick tips that should help you out:

  • Label your dog! When you’re putting tags on your suitcases to make sure everything can be returned to you, it’s good to do the same thing for your pet. A strong collar with your contact details is an essential, especially for your peace of mind.
  • Prepare for the journey. If you’re driving a long way to see us, you’ll need to consider how your dog will cope in the car. Will they need something to help with travel sickness? Have you got the appropriate items, such as blankets, to help keep them comfortable?

If it’s a long way, or your dog doesn’t travel well, you may also want to consider taking safety precautions such as a crate or harness; security is the most important concern! You should also take frequent breaks to ensure that they remain calm and content.

  • Pack your dog their own luggage. You may think you can just slip a few important bits and pieces in the top of your own suitcase, however this is a sure fire way to forget something crucial – even if it’s just the treats that were supposed to make their break a little extra special.

By giving your dog their own case, you can take a more methodical approach to packing; as you go through your own list, make sure you’re also packing the equivalent items in your pet’s luggage.

  • As a dog friendly hotel, we expect a little bit of energy from your pets; it’s only in their nature. However, to help ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible, we do recommend that you give your dog plenty of exercise while they’re with us – or away on any holiday – to help them sleep through the night.

Anything we haven’t covered? Contact the Kings Arms team today, online or at 015394 36372, to chat through any questions you may have or make a booking.